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Credit Card Embossers


Entrust Datacard’s Desktop Card Embossing functionality is a key component of the ultimate identity platform.

Personalize embossed credit, debit and ATM cards, patient ID cards and other high-quality cards right from the desktop, conveniently and affordably.

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Measurable Benefits

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Reliability and Durability

Entrust Datacard desktop printers produce the most durable cards that hold up in even the toughest environments offering years of reliable use, reducing cost and increasing employee satisfaction.

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Modularity and Versatility

Modular printing solutions that can be added to over time or used in concert with existing systems to minimize overall investment and ensure a smooth deployment.

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Image Quality

Ultimate image quality to ensure you maximize the single biggest branding tool that your employees and customers interact with every day. Personalization capabilities increase brand connection and customer experience.

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Mobile ID’s are a natural progression that offers key benefits such as lower cost of reissuance, better data, and enhanced security. Entrust Datacard is a leader in providing mobile ID solutions.

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ID Cards produced on the Entrust Datacard solutions offer the highest levels of security. ID cards with unique identifiers ensure employees have secure access to specific areas. Solutions include verified identities to protect against fraud and data encryption to prevent breaches. Monitoring and logging access to ID printers ensures data is protected.

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Drive New Revenue — Instantly

Research shows instant issuance results in higher activation rates, more cards in force and four additional transactions per card in the first 10 days.

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Consumer Preferences Are Changing

An instant issuance aligns perfectly with what they want. Create highly personalized omni-channel offerings that include payment cards, mobile banking, online banking and kiosk services.

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Cross-Sell Other Products

Optimize the branch experience for every customer. While they are receiving their instantly issued cards, your staff can present other products and services and drive new sales.

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Immediate Impact on Customer Satisfaction

There are a wide range of customer centric applications for instant issuance, including the opening of new accounts, breach re-issues, lost or stolen card replacement and the addition of new users to existing accounts.


Credit Card Embossers (5)

280P Financial Card Embossing Machine

Issue high-quality credit and debit cards on demand with the Datacard® 280P card personalization system, ideal for issuing embossed credit, debit and ATM cards.

450 Financial Card Embosser

The Datacard® 450 card personalization system offers card embossing, topping, and more to create high-quality credit, debit, ATM and other financial cards.

CE840 Instant Issuance System

A reliable, single-hopper desktop printer, the Datacard® CE840™ instant issuance system offers affordable quality embossing, indenting and magnetic-stripe encoding.

CE870 Instant Issuance System

Issue embossed credit and debit cards anywhere, anytime with the Datacard® CE870™ instant issuance system.

CE875 Instant Issuance System

Entrust Datacard™ CE875™ Instant Issuance Systems offer financial institutions flexibility with an on-demand flat-card and embossed-card printing solution.
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