Central Card Issuance


Datacard® high-volume card issuance solutions align with your precise needs.

Whether you are expanding an existing operation, moving your program in-house or launching your first high-volume operation, we configure highly efficient solutions to meet your requirements.

Our card personalization and card delivery platforms reflect more than 40 years of industry leadership — and they offer a range of customer-driven enhancements that empower you in important new ways.

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Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE)

Largest commercial bank in Ethiopia CBE fulfills backlog and increases capacity from 10,000 card holders to 4.5 million with the Datacard® MX8100™ and MX1100™ Card Issuance Systems.

Innovative UV-Curing Printing Technologies for the MX Series Systems.

Consumers love the look and feel of flat cards, and card marketers are moving to capitalize on the trend. The best source for your flat card solutions? The same partner you trust for all your card issuance solutions — Entrust Datacard. We offer a choice of flat card printing options so you can create highly-differentiated cards, separate from the crowd and engage more cardholders.


Go From Blank To Brilliant.

Add some serious WOW FACTOR to your cards, labels and mailings to drive the results you want. Inline, on-demand printing from Entrust Datacard empowers you to exceed customer expectations with eye-popping customized content. The possibilities are endless — and the payoff is real.


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For immediate assistance Entrust Datacard has Customer Care Centers that are available to serve customers in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific regions.


Measurable Benefits

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Low Cost-Per-Card and Cost-Per-Mailing

Working side-by-side with the majority of high-volume card issuers around the world gives us unique insights into operational efficiency. We can configure hardware and software technologies to specifically address your greatest cost challenges.

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Long-Term Investment Protection

Our commitment to scalable and highly configurable systems provides an economical path for expanding capacity or incorporating the new technologies as they become available. This provides strong investment protection, minimizes financial risk and exceptionally low cost of ownership.

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Exceptional Security & Automated Quality

In the face of extreme cost pressures, you are also expected to prevent data breaches and deliver exceptional quality in both cards and mailings. We understand the nuances of these challenges and we’ve built highly unique and automated features into our card personalization and card delivery solutions.

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Ready for Any Change, Any Challenge

Platform modularity, strong R&D investment and a collaborative approach make the Entrust Datacard® brand incredibly valuable in the face of change. From simplifying EMV to streamlining compliance to short run profitability, we make it easy for you to adapt — quickly, affordably and without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

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Personalized On-Demand Printing

Our innovative high-volume card issuance solutions offer an unprecedented level of on-demand personalization for your cardholders. It’s high-impact, full-color personalization for your cards, labels and mailings. And, it all leads to proven impact on your bottom line. Unleash your creativity and immerse your cardholders in a truly personalized experience. It’s the perfect opportunity to maximize the impact of your brand and improve the metrics that matter most in your card programs.


Central Card Issuance (7)

MX8100 Central Card Issuance System

Be prepared to move at the speed of change with the Datacard® MX8100™ card issuance system, offering true modularity to future-proof your investment.

MX6100 Central Card Issuance System

The Datacard® MX6100™ card issuance system delivers the security, versatility and economy you need to help sustain—and maximize—profitability into the future.

MX2100 Central Card Issuance System

The Datacard® MX2100™ card issuance system is the most affordable high-volume solution offering true field modularity.

MX1100 Central Card Issuance System

The Datacard® MX1100™ card issuance system helps financial institutions, governments and other organizations make an affordable entry into centralized card issuance.

DX5100 Central Card Issuance System

The Datacard® DX5100™ card delivery system offers real-world productivity with on-demand full-color, laser printing for visual impact and targeted mailings.

DX3100 Central Card Delivery System

The Datacard® DX3100™ card delivery system is a mid-range, standalone card delivery system that automates your carrier printing and envelope insertion process.

MPR3800 GSM SIM Card Printing

The affordable Datacard® MPR3800™ GSM card issuance system is designed to improve speed, security and profitability in your SIM card operations.

FIS Card Personalization System

World’s largest global financial technology solutions provider FIS increases efficiency, improves operator productivity after implementing the Datacard® Artista® VHD Retransfer Printing Module Gen 2.