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The Entrust Certificate Services™ platform now integrates with ConnectWise Manage, making it easy to centrally manage clients’ digital certificates.

Press Releases

Entrust Datacard Acquires Trustis Limited

Acquisition provides Entrust Datacard with expanded regional capability to address identity and personal data protection and regulations.

Entrust Datacard chosen to participate in a new advanced authentication lab to create frictionless user access with a high level of security across platforms.


Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal  May 23, 2017 - Entrust Datacard moved its international headquarters from one office park to another in February 2015, nearly doubling in size from 240,000 square feet to 400,000. Goals to expand its employee base, its reach and its style were the major motivations behind the new facility layout, size and style.  May 23, 2017 - No matter the industry, one idea seems to drive today’s consumers more than any other – convenience. The digital age has conditioned consumers to seek out quality products and services that can be delivered faster than the competition. To help satisfy such demands within the banking industry, a growing number of branches are turning their attention toward instant issuance.
ITProPortal  May 3, 2017 - Once confined to ID badges, licenses, loyalty cards and even user names and passwords, identity is taking on a whole new meaning.


How do you explain to your business the risk of continuing to use SHA-1 certificates?

Authentication needs are changing. Passwords don’t cut it anymore. The digital transformation of business requires a new set of practices for modern identity. 

What if you got hacked, were able to retrieve the data from the hackers and didn’t tell anyone about it? Would all of your problems go away?


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